Read through our 'Basics' Installation Guide for how to work with our architectural panels prior to installation. This guide has some tips for how to install a freestanding panel:

neat façades installation tips:
All our screens are made of durable PVC, and are sturdy enough, at 10 mm thick, to make them ideal candidates for a freestanding installation. 

Recommended Uses: 

  • Delineate sitting or garden areas
  • Create privacy around hottub or similar
  • Add artistic appeal to any area

To begin, mark out the location for your supporting posts, depending on whether you want the screens installed vertically or horizontally. Then, dig holes for the posts. We recommend a depth of at least a third of the height of the screen wall to ensure adequate support. Once dug, stand your posts in the holes and pour in ready mix or quick set concrete. Don’t completely fill the holes, make sure to leave enough space at the top so that once it has dried the concrete can be covered with soil.

After pouring the concrete, use a spirit level to ensure that your posts are vertical. Check that all posts are the same height, and that they match the height and width of the screen. When the concrete is set, cover with soil.

Once your concrete has set and your posts are firmly in place, you have 2 options: 

  1. Drill the screens directly to the post (with brackets)
  2. Frame the screen and attach the frame to the posts (this avoids drilling holes into your privacy screen)

For Option 1: pre-drill 4 sets of holes where you would like your brackets to attach. Then screw the brackets to the posts; there should be two brackets for each side of the screen. Then, repeat this process by pre-drilling holes into the screen. Attach brackets to the rear of the screen with two on each side, then attach the screen to the posts.

For Option 2: construct a frame to contain your screen. This frame can be 2, 3 or 4 sided, depending on the supports provided by the posts. Screw the frame to the post and insert your screen (for 2 and 3 sided frames). For a 4-sided frame, pre-drill 4 sets of holes where the brackets will attach to the posts. Screw the brackets to the posts. Attach the frame to the brackets using Timber screws.

Looking for more tips? Download our Comprehensive Installation Guide.