Wood Fencing

First, read through our 'Basics' Installation Guide for how to work with our architectural panels prior to installation. This guide has some tips for how to install on wood fencing:

neat façades installation tips:
Many clients install our privacy screens onto existing fences. This transforms tired fences and creates eye-catching outdoor feature walls.


  • you can hang smaller screens (i.e. 2’X4’) using chain attached directly to the screen and fencing
  • frame your screen with a light coloured backdrop before attaching the frame to the fencing (with screws or onto brackets)
  • install U-clips on the fencing directly, and install screens onto the clips (this avoids drilling into the screen) 

Timber screws are the best for attaching our screens to existing wood fencing and are readily available from any hardware store.
To install, begin by pre-drilling holes into your garden screen so that the screws are positioned centrally, thus ensuring that the screw doesn’t damage the screen’s surface.

Looking for more tips? Download our Comprehensive Installation Guide.